vincent van gogh: pls buy my paintings

person: lol no thanks

vincent van gogh: 


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still havent seen any greenday jokes….its september….wtf is going on

i guess everyone’s on holiday

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yeah the world kinda sucks but at least we have marvel movies

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To hear that a K-pop idol died scares the shit out of me. It is just another reminder that idol’s are human and death is a possibility at any time. Cherish the moments with your idols while they are still here. Don’t cause fanwars or bash idols for no reasons because one day those idols will be gone. Enjoy the music and give them as much love as you can because you never know when it’s too late.

R.I.P EunB

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MBC reveals photos of horrific car crash involving Ladies’ Code; EunB passes after sustaining injuries, two members in critical condition



Just a few hours ago, Koreaboo reported the heartbreaking news that Ladies’ Code member EunB had passed away in a car accident.

Now, MBC is releasing more details on the story, including photos of the crash.

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Why is 2014 such a shitty year

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I don’t understand how all Muslims are called terrorists because of what one group of 19 extremist men did 13 years ago.

But white people aren’t called terrorists when they invaded their countries, killed millions of civilians, when they shoot up schools, shoot up movie theaters, and kill random POC. Isn’t that something.

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Anonymous inquired:

How do I make sure my gf doesn't catch me cheating on her?


ok follow these simple steps:

1. pick up the trash
2. step outta ur house
3. open the trash can
4. step into the trash can

good now u r where u belong congrats!!!

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when u and ur friends make plans


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